Thursday, April 25, 2013


Last weekend we were able to celebrate our two April babies and their special birthday's!  I have been planning this theme since I had baby girl a year ago and knew their birthday's were two days apart. It was almost a little too good to be true!

So Mickey and Minnie it was!  My mom made the cakes and they turned out amazing! I was so excited about them! 

                                             My precious little 3 year old all ready to party!

                                                            And our 1 year old princess!

We gave Malachi a few options for the food and knowing the little chips lover that he is, he chose a nacho bar. Next year he may have to share some of the decision making with little sister :)

Man oh man were there a lot of gifts when you do a combination party!  We may need to do something about this :)

                                                                 Then it was cake time!

It was a really nice party for the kids!  Another year of birthday parties complete :) 


Platinum Rose said...

Cute theme! I loved the cakes, your Mom did a great job!