Monday, October 24, 2011

One Down, Two to Go!

Trimesters, that is! As of yesterday, I have entered the glorious 2nd trimester! This is the fun one of pregnancy, although I also don't have too many complaints about the 3rd.

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant and I started to think about the first trimester and how not ready I was to go through that again. The constant sleepiness and dreaded sickness, the constant worrying about miscarriage risks. The memories were still fresh on my mind from going through this a year ago and the end of October felt so far away!

Well, I've arrived on the other side! Here is my first trimester recap. This pregnancy, I really wanted to keep a good record of pregnancy as I have already realized just how much I forgot from the first one. So I am making a mini-scrapbook of sorts, with a weekly picture and memories from that week. I will spare you the details of the week, but thought I would share my weekly pictures!

3 Weeks: The week that 2 lines showed up!

4 Weeks: The week that Oh My Gosh - Baby Eli is the big brother!

5 Weeks: The 1 Month Belly Shot (pictured further down in the post)

6 Weeks: The Late 5 Year Anniversary Trip where baby made us very aware that s/he was along for the ride - BLAH!

7 Weeks: The week where I was hungry, and then I was sick, and then I was STARVING. The week where I was sneaking snacks in the middle of the night and eating big snacks before bed to try to fend off the hunger for a few hours of sleep (yes this was a before bed snack)

Week 8: The week we first saw our little miracle!

Week 9: Belly Shot for Month #2 (posted further down)

Week 10: The week baby is the size of a Kumquat, and we discovered what a Kumquat was!

Week 11: The week the stomach bug hit and mommy lost 5 lbs, making her weight gain look much better at her 12 week appointment.

Week 12: 3 Month Belly Shot (posted below)

Week 13: The end of Trimester #1, and for sure feeling my little peach size baby wiggling around!

And for those who like to see the progression. Here are my first 3 months worth of belly shots - not too exciting yet, but we're slowly getting a bump :)