Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Kid Is A Sponge!

Okay, I know it was inevitable, but Malachi is growing up. Seriously, isn't he starting to look like such a big boy?!?

I look at this picture and just think, he looks like a KID! What is happening to my baby?!?

I mean, kids do things like this - the cheesy smile for the camera:

So, since I can't stop it I decided it was time to embrace that he is growing. His mind is SUCH a sponge right now. He is constantly trying to imitate the words I say and he is trying to do more things for himself. He tries to take his clothes off by himself and help put his clothes on. He wants to brush his hair and his teeth by himself. He wants to help with Eli, like feeding him snacks and putting his bib on him or helping with diaper changes (which Eli always gets an "eeewww" from big brother!)

So with the morning sickness passing, I decided it was time to help Malachi make some changes! With Elias eating more and more, it was time to move Eli into the highchair and give Malachi a booster at the table. I was not sure how this would work out, but he was so excited as I told him he was a big boy and got to sit at the table with mommy! I had visions of the tray getting thrown to the floor, but so far he has done awesome!

Another part of this big boy at the table, is letting him self feed. He has been ready for awhile, but while I was sick it was just easier for me to do it. It is a tad bit messier but he does a pretty awesome job of it. The biggest challenge has been teaching him to always use the spoon and to keep his other hand out of the bowl. But boy is he proud of himself :)

After he eats we have started working on letter flashcards. Malachi has a slight obsession with Sesame Street. I have started to notice that he says the letters when they are on the screen. His favorite is to say "J Jump!" My mom and I were at the mall the other day and he was noticing the signs and saw an O and pointed at it and then saw a J and pointed at it. I was pretty much amazed. Awhile ago I was at Target and noticed in the dollar section that they had a bunch of different types of flashcards. I picked up a bunch of different packs and one of them is for letters. I figured eventually we would use them, but with his new obsession with letter I figured why not pull them out. So for now, we are working on 4 of his letters and once he gets the hang of all of them, I will start adding in more. He LOVES working on flashcards after meals!!!

I am actually really enjoying this phase with Malachi. Of course, it comes with temper tantrums as he is really wanting to flex those independent muscles but he is so eager and ready to learn new things right now!


Maria Delgado said...

wow. Mal is growing sooooo much!