Wednesday, October 5, 2011

8 Months

Since I failed at Eli's 7 month update, I figure this will be a combined 7 AND 8 month update for him! I still can't believe it has already been 8 months since I gave birth to that little love bug!

7 Month Pictures

8 Months

Since we don't return to the doctor until his 9 month check-up I am not sure what he weighs, but he still seems like such a peanut to me (at least compared to his brother). He is moving into 6-9 month clothes, which btw is what Malachi came home in and was outgrowing by 4 months, so Eli will always seem like a peanut to me :) But I did have to carry him shopping the other day and he is starting to get heavy :)

He continues to have his content and overall happy attitude. He may not smile easily for strangers but it doesn't take much work for mommy and daddy to get a smile :) Truly, if he is fussy there is something he needs. He is either hungry or tired or wants his diaper changed. I feel like the luckiest mother in the world to have two easy going babies!

We try to keep an 8:00 bedtime around here, but both boys seem to be going down closer to 7:30 these days. Elias is like clockwork though and wakes up somewhere between 6:30-7:00 every morning. I try not to complain, because he is still a really good sleeper but I would love it if he would decide to sleep another hour in the morning :)

He is holding steady at 2 naps a day. Eli and I get to hang out all morning together and usually by 9 he is ready for his first nap, just about the same time that Malachi decides to wake up. He sleeps about 2 hours at each of his naps and if I am lucky I can get the boys to cross over about an hour in the afternoon for nap time!

He eats about 3 meals of baby food a day. He is now eating Stage 3 foods at dinner. He is doing awesome with finger foods and loves his puffs! He has also tried lots of things we eat - Macaroni and Cheese, mashed potatoes, kernels of corn, grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, and yesterday he even ate my egg sandwich :) For not having any teeth he does an awesome job of mashing things up with his gums! As far as bottles, he is still drinking 4 - 6 ounce bottles per day and we have introduced the sippy cup which to my amazement he figured out how to use right away!

Milestones he has accomplished in the last 2 months. His first babble word was Mama. I was very happy that he uttered that word first since anytime I try to get Malachi to say Mama, he says Daddy to torment me. So at least I get the glory that Eli said Mama first (even if just a day later he started saying Dada). About a month ago he started getting up on his knees and crawling backwards. Then he would get up and rock back and forth and in the last couple weeks he has started army crawling. If we really want to see that boy move, we put a puff on the floor and he zooms towards it! Two mobile boys - lots of fun times in our future. Fortunately I think Malachi pretty well baby proofed everything :)

Okay, I am sure I have pretty much bored to death all my blog readers, but I seriously want to document everything I can remember because they are growing WAY too fast!

And for fun, I watch Elias sleep on the video monitor. For some reason this kid rolls over funny and it always looks like he is going to dislocate his arm. Well, last night he did his funny roll over and stayed twisted on his arm. It is kind of hard to see, but his arm is tucked awkwardly under him. After we snapped the picture, Peter went in and fixed him :)