Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Photo Shoot

Wow, time does not seem to be slowing down at all! But I can't really complain too much about that!

Over the course of the summer we completed Malachi's readoption process. Having that step of the process behind us was a huge relief! But, that left us with one more piece of the puzzle to complete - US Citizenship. Fortunately for an adopted child, the process is pretty much just gathering paperwork and filling out forms (and paying fees of course!). Of all the paperwork we have filled out, for some reason this one felt like the one that would kill me. But I am happy to report that it did not in fact kill me, and this past week we mailed off that final stack of paperwork. We are hopeful (as long as I did everything right!) that this process should be complete in early December!

I also had my 12 week OB appointment yesterday! It feels like pregnancy is flying by and I am so happy that the second trimester is quickly approaching! Like perfect clockwork (as opposed to LAST time) the morning sickness disappeared between weeks 11-12! But so far everything is looking great! The baby was hiding super low and so hearing the heartbeat proved difficult at first. I carried Elias very low the entire pregnancy so that leaves me wondering if I just carry low in general. Not that I am complaining about that! Carrying low meant that I never got that "big"! But eventually, after a little coaxing the baby popped up higher and I got to hear that amazing sound that is proof of the miracle growing inside me! Even though I JUST did this a few months ago, this whole process amazes me! My doctor gave me what sounded like a pretty confident guess on gender based on the heartbeat (although we will NOT be finding out, repeat will NOT be finding out, okay Peter!) and I was sent on my way!

My energy is returning and I am starting to feel normal again just in time for my favorite season! I love fall! I love the return of the rain and cool nights and the anticipation of the holiday's around the corner! To document my favorite time of the year we decided it was time for another photo shoot! The boys weren't the most cooperative (namely, a certain little 17 month old) but we did the best we could and still ended up with some great photos in the end :)

I love my family :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


Praying as you get closer to being able to hold another treasure :)

Theresa said...

Love the photos! Those boys are just too cute.

My NP gave a guess on the gender too based off the heart beat sound, but the US tech told us we're having the opposite! I'm glad the baby cooperated and you were able to hear the heartbeat - there's nothing quite like it!

Maria Delgado said...

So.... u don't want to know what the sex is? :) I am so curious! :)