Thursday, October 20, 2011

18 Months

I don't know how it is possible, but Malachi is now 18 months. 18 months just really makes it feel like the end of babyhood. Now the pediatrician is talking to us about potty training, and speaking in sentences, and preschool. Can't I have him stay a baby for a little bit longer?

As much as I don't like him growing, Malachi is and has always been an independent child who is constantly wanting to learn and develop. As much as I could try, there is no holding him back. He is eager to learn and we just go with it!

Malachi is slowing down a bit in the growth department. He is now 33 1/2" tall (75-90%) and 27 lbs 13 ounces (50-75%). I kind of question the accuracy of the height one because the kid is growing! He has been quickly outgrowing 2T clothes and is wearing quite a few 3T outfits lately.

Developmentally he continues to stay above the curve. I lost count after he hit about 35 words and his newest thing is letters (as I mentioned in a latter post). He loves learning his letters so we are going with that right now and encouraging him! My favorite thing that he does right now is he is constantly applauding himself. He closes a door, he claps. He stacks blocks, he claps. The boy has no shortage of confidence in his abilities :)

Our pediatrician did mention that we might want to start thinking about preschool for him. I looked at her like she is crazy, because well, he is still my baby! But she said for a child like him, she thinks it would be really good for him for the social interaction and because keeping him at home, he is going to get bored and preschool would be a nice challenge for him. It is definitely something for us to think about, but we still have awhile before we really need to worry about that :)

We are going to start really trying with the potty training again. He was doing a pretty good job with it a few months ago, but morning sickness was a horrible combination with the potty training so I stopped. We are going to get back at it and hopefully get one kid out of diapers before we add another one to the ranks :)

Otherwise, Malachi just continues to be a huge delight! His personality is really just awesome and he is constantly cracking Peter and I up by his antics! And well, he is just so darn adorable that you can't help but want to squeeze him! The other night he was coming over to me and would give me a kiss on the cheek (complete with lip smacking) and then he would lay his head on a pillow on the floor and pretend to snore. Then he would pop back up and do it all over again - he is too sweet!

We celebrated his 18 Month Birthday with brownies and Ice Cream. He thought it was pretty good and kept saying "mmmm, num num!"

We love you big guy :)