Monday, May 30, 2011

So Blessed!

I can't help but feel so incredibly blessed as I think about where my life is at right now. I have been given everything I have ever wanted and so much more!

I can't help but go through my day and be so thankful to God for everything I have. I have a home, that while it feels small these days, it is safe and cozy and really quite perfect actually!

I have a husband who is amazing! I am pretty sure I have the very best of the best in that department! He takes great care of all of us and is the best dad to our boys! He is a great and loving man and has stepped up as the leader of our family!

I am so thankful for the job he has! They treat him so well! He has great hours, a great office, and they value the contribution he makes! They gave him 6 weeks off paid when Malachi came home and they gave him 4 weeks paid off when Eli was born! They just gave out very generous bonuses and they also tell them all to go home early on holiday weekends - whoohoo!

I get to be a stay-at-home mom! This time I am able to be at home and take care of my children is invaluable to me! I don't miss a moment with them and I am the one getting to influence their lives! I don't take for granted the fact that I get to do what I want everyday! There is no place I would rather be than at home with my babies!

Of course, it goes without saying that my children are my two biggest blessings! Wow, we had to wait awhile to get to this place but now that I have been doubly blessed in one year I feel so fortunate! I am so happy with these two little boys! Now, I would love them the same no matter what, but the fact that they are incredible sleepers and go down on their own at night sure does help this momma out! I swear, I have been given the two easiest and happiest babies!!!

The pant-less, one sock look!

I know it sounds super cheesy, but I find myself humming along to this song a lot these days! It is a pretty accurate description of how I feel right now!

So we are very much "in the land of plenty" right now! And while I know hard days and difficulties will be back someday, I don't want to forget to count my blessings and be thankful when life is great! Sometimes I think it is very easy when everything is going right to forget to be thankful. Today, I remember to be very thankful for all the blessings that have been poured out on me!!!