Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Reading List

Lately, I have been finding more and more time to read again! I love to read and a year ago Peter got me a Kindle which I am really enjoying! I love to read fiction, but lately I have found myself in a phase of reading non-fiction books. I am enjoying nothing more than settling down and reading for a little bit when I have a free moment!

Something odd about me (one of many maybe) is that it is very rare for me to just read one book at a time. I typically like to read a bunch of books at a time and switch back and forth between them. So right now I am actually in the midst of 5 books and thought I would share with you my current reading list:

Book #1: The Bible

This is of course the most important book I am reading! I have found it very hard to find time to read in the midst of early motherhood. There is always something to be done around here, but I have put reading my Bible at the top of my priority list each day. Our pastor challenged us a few weeks ago saying that there is no reason that a person can't read 5 chapters a day and really dive in to their Bible. At first I thought he was nuts since I was barely even able to read 2 a day. Well, his words convicted me and made me realize all the things I was prioritizing above spending time in the word. After all, if I am able to find time to read other books on my Kindle, I should be able to sit down and read my Bible first. So, I just finished up Revelations a few days ago and am now back on my way through Genesis!

Book #2: Radical by David Platt

Last year I started Radical and it is definitely a life changing book to read! You can't listen to the words of David Platt and NOT be convicted. Well, life got busy for awhile and now that I have had time, I am back to reading it. It is a book I have to read in small bits and really soak in what he is saying. If you really truly read this book and listen to the words, you can't help but be convicted to do more and give more of yourself. Peter has been listening to David Platt sermons at work while I have been reading this book and it is truly re-prioritizing our lives and making us want to live a Radical life for God.

I was driving in my car the other day and heard this son on the radio. It lines up so closely with what David Platt says in the book Radical. Check it out!

Book #3: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

I have always heard great things about the book Crazy Love and so I decided to add it to my Kindle. It is a pretty good book and really has helped me to see God in a different light. It has really showed me just how much God loves us and cares about us. Reading this book along with Radical has been great! I read about God's love for me which makes me want to do more for him and serve and worship him more - which goes well with books 1 and 2!!!

I remember seeing this Francis Chan video a few years ago - it is pretty incredible!

Book #4: Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson

Now as a mother of TWO boys I figured I really needed to check this book out. I am really glad I did so that I can get the proper mindset early on and actually a lot of the info is already pertinent to where we are at with our little guys.

This book has made me realize just how much responsibility there is to raising boys (even more so than raising girls). Boys are more likely to commit suicide, commit a crime, have developmental delays and the list goes on and on in the book. It is very eye opening to the roles we play as mom and dad and how we can parent successfully and let our boys grow up into responsible, loving men!

I found this video and thought it was pretty funny as to how boys really are :)

Book #5: No Biking in the House Without a Helmet by Melissa Fay Greene

This was written by a woman I hope to be able to use as a model for my life. This is all about raising a big family full of bio and adopted children. What this family has done is pretty incredible and reading about their journeys through raising their children has been great! I am only a few chapters in but I can't wait to read more and hopefully gain some valuable insight :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Read all but the last one :) Love your list!!!