Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation Weekend

This past weekend we had the opportunity to trek up to Spokane to see Peter's little brother Andy graduate from college at Whitworth University!

We got on the road at 5:30 AM on Friday, hoping that the children would sleep if we interrupted their rest. That did work with Elias, but Malachi decided that he only needed to sleep an hour of the 6 hour drive. We did stop 3 times. Once for breakfast, once to give Malachi a snack and let him run around at a McDonald's play area and once more where we needed to turn off on an exit and hold Elias for a little while as he had been crying for 45 minutes and was showing no signs of going back to sleep. Fortunately that worked and we made it to Spokane!

We got to the hotel and unpacked and decided that was the perfect time to let Malachi test out the swimming pool. He was so adorable in his swim suit. I stayed on land with Elias while Peter hit the pool with a very tired little Malachi!

We took him swimming when he was 6 months old back in Las Vegas and he wasn't quite sure of it, but this time he LOVED it from the moment he hit the water!!!

I gave Peter strict instructions to NOT get Malachi's hair wet, but Malachi did his hair in by splashing like a maniac!

Our little water lover!

So fun!

Occupying Malachi in the hotel room was a challenge. We chased him around the whole first night baby proofing the room as he was drawn to everything he shouldn't have.
Peter and Malachi came up with a fun little game with the footstool!

Eli was a pretty good traveler and did a lot of sleeping. He did have some fussy times but what do you expect with a 3 month old who was out of his element.

We were concerned about how Malachi would do at night as he is a light sleeper. He did pretty good as he was completely exhausted by bedtime every night with how busy the days were. We did have one night where the neighbors above us were very loud and woke him up after he had been asleep for a couple hours and so we spent the next hour trying to get him back down.

We had a good time with all of Peter's family over the course of the weekend! There was certainly lots of baby love going around with the boys! We were also able to go visit our old pastor and his family which it was so great to get to spend an afternoon with them!

And of course there was graduation. We decided it was best for me to stay at the hotel with the boys during the graduation as there was no chance they would even last 5 minutes in there. It was the best decision as the ceremony was quite long! But Peter was able to get some pictures and we were all thrilled for Andy and his accomplishment!!!

Congratulations Andy and we can't wait to see where life takes you now!!!


Alicia said...

Malachi was SO cute in the water! And Elias is just cute as a button! You guys are so blessed. I'm glad your trip went well.