Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perfect Today

Today was a day I wish I could relive 1000 times over. Today, I decided to let the housework sit and to not worry about the fact that we just got home yesterday and we have a ton of laundry piling up and bags that need unpacked. Today I just wanted to play with my boys and so that is what I did!

And it was perfect and amazing! I was able to spend an hour on the floor playing with my 3 month old son. Watching him as he observed the world around him and just enjoyed his perfect little grin as he looked at me. I had the time to sit in the rocking chair and rock him and sing to him as I fed him before nap time. I could just enjoy the baby snuggles that are going to go away all to soon. I was able to bask in the simple joy of a baby asleep on my shoulder and could feel him breathing on my neck and inhale the wonderful scent of a precious little baby.

If that doesn't sound like perfection, I had the additional amazing joy of just observing my 13 month old son as he played with his toys and explored the world around him. I got to teach him how to sit on the floor and roll a ball back and forth to mommy. I got the splendor of smiling at him and watching him smile back at me. I got to listen to him giggle and laugh in delight that mommy was spending the day playing with him!

And the ABSOLUTE icing on the cake for today was when he came over to, rested his head on my shoulder, patted my back with his hand, and said "Love You" back to me in the best attempt a 13 month old could possibly try! And it was perfect!!!

I could have gotten the house all clean and gotten everything put back away, but look at everything I would have missed. I definitely need to do this more often! Today was a day that was good for my soul and a day that I will never forget!


Elle J said...

That is so perfect!!! I'm glad you took rest and enjoyed. I hope you take many more days like today.

Alison said...

Precious! Sounds like a great day for sure!!!