Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1 Year Ago Today........

1 Year Ago Today my dreams came true! I finally saw the face of my little angel that we had been waiting so long to see and know! This day will always remain one of the best days of my life!

As hard as the journey was, it is indescribable to finally get to see the face of the child you have been praying for and waiting for! The days leading up to the call were some of the most difficult days of my life. I know now that I was burdened for a reason. My son traveled many miles in those first days of life and was in and out of several different places before he finally settled down at Hannah's Hope where he would spend the next 3 months of his life before coming to his forever home!

The difficult days were not over for me. While May 4th was the highest of high days for my life. There would be difficult days ahead as we now had seen his beautiful face and knew he was waiting. There would be days filled of grief and longing as we got news that court date after court date had not gone as planned.

But looking back now, as Malachi has been with us for just under 9 months we can remember the good days. Malachi is ours and he is doing so good! Now, we just enjoy today and reflect on our precious miracle baby boy who we "met" 1 year ago today!

Yes, he was perfect in every way and I just could NOT get enough of him! He was so beautiful and I took his pictures with me everywhere. I had to constantly be staring at him! It is like when you first bring your baby home from the hospital and all you do is stare at them for hours and hours and hours. I just had to stare at these same photos all day long. I laugh now, because I had these 3 photos EVERYWHERE in our house. By the computer, on the refrigerator, on my nightstand, on my phone screensaver, at work, on all of the bathroom mirrors (in fact, two photos STILL sit by the mirror in Malachi's bathroom). I just had to have him everywhere with me!

Yup, May 4th will always be a day of celebration in our house! Finally we were parents! If you would like to take a walk down memory lane with me you can check out our post all about the amazing call here:


JonesEthiopia said...

Congratulations on a year! He was such a tiny and precious little thing! :)

Elle J said...

I remember your journey last year and the chills when it was announced that you had seen your son! What a year it has been - enjoy today's celebration for all the goodness that God has provided.

Sarah said...

Amy, your journey was one of the first ones I followed- and one that encouraged us so much! Congratulations on this anniversary!