Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shred and Total Money Make-Over Update

30 Day Shred:

I just completed my 10th day of working out. That means I am on to Level 2! So far I have really enjoyed the workouts. They are 20 minutes which is totally doable and lets face it, I am stretching my day to expect anymore than 20 minutes of time to myself. It is a good challenging 20 minute workout, but it isn't so challenging that I feel I can't do it.

So 10 days at Level 1 are complete and tomorrow I start Level 2 for the next 10 days. I am seeing some great improvements in just 10 days. I have lost 3 lbs which is actually perfect weight loss. It is recommended you only lose 2-3 lbs per week while nursing so I am pleased with where I am at. That leaves me with 2 lbs to get to pre-pregnancy weight and 17 to get to my goal weight! I have also lost a few inches to my waist and am getting back those long lost ab muscles :) So I am feeling great and hope to continue to see progress as I continue the program!

Total Money Make-Over:

I haven't update on this one in awhile, mainly because not a whole lot is happening. We did pay off our car which is a huge relief for us and we are actively working on baby step #3! The biggest chunk of funds coming for baby step #3 we are waiting on and may be waiting sometime to get as the IRS is holding on to our adoption tax credit while they ask for more supporting documents - fun times for all of us adoptive families waiting for the refund :)

Eli's NICU bills have definitely hit us hard, but God continues to provide for all of our needs. We happened to have enough money to pay for all the bills as they came in and will hopefully have our tax refund once more come in. We figure we have paid about half of the bills that will be coming. Hurry up refund!

So like I said, not much to report. We are still hopeful that we will be able to get close to meeting the 6 months expenses in savings this year and have that goal completely funded by this time next year! That is of course, unless God stirs our hearts for something else by that time :)


Christie said...

I didnt even realize you had this blog until today :) Your boys are adorable. so hard and so much fun having them so close isnt it? its gets even more fun as they get older too. i was reading your other blog and I totally know what you mean by your heart being in Africa right now. Mine is too. I was 10 weeks pregnant when we were there and didnt have a grand time either, but I feel my heart is always there :) more on our blog about that later...we have some big news coming up. i will have to start following this blog...will add it to my blogroll :)