Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting "It" Back

So as all of the other pieces of my life are coming back together, there is one thing that remains. I have the kids on a great schedule and we have found our new normal groove. The housework is all caught up (but with Mal, things sure do get dirty again fast). All the piles of accumulating junk are disappearing. The scrapbooking is caught up, the big boy room is in full swing and almost completed. All the little things I wanted to get done, are almost done. But one thing remains.

That "thing" is the extra 5 lbs I still have from my pregnancy. I haven't really been doing anything to try to lose it mainly because my body has still been recovering, but I am feeling pretty good again so it is time! On top of that 5 lbs, I haven't forgot about the 15 lbs that I was not pleased with before I got pregnant. So I really want to work my butt off (literally) and lose some weight! I am ready!!!

The biggest challenge right now is that I can't cut out calories. I have been researching and trying to find a good way to do that, but there is no good way to do that while nursing. So, for the time being we leave the calories. But, that does not mean I can't adjust my eating habits. I just need to make better choices with the calories I do consume.

So tomorrow it starts! I have heard such awesome things about Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred so I picked up a copy for myself. It sounds like it will really kick me into gear and make me hurt, but I really need something to jump start me and get me headed in the right direction. I refuse to accept the fact that most woman gain a permanent 3-5 lbs with each pregnancy. So, here's my accountability. Nothing like putting it out there on the worldwide web for the whole world to see!