Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brotherly Stuff

So I pretty much think having two boys is the best thing ever! I really hope these brothers grow up to be best friends even if the start has been a little rough for them.

The other day the boys were in great moods and they were wearing matching outfits so I just felt the need to pull the camera out and hope for the best.

Well, I should have known it was going to be rough because a certain little baby does not like to be put down even for a few minutes.

Did I mention that big brother has a fear of little brother? Well, big brother was starting to show an interest in little brother so I figured, what the heck, lets see how this goes...........

Get the baby cheered back up, set the toddler on the couch and this is the result

How dare I set big brother next to little brother. I mean, look at that baby, he is sooo terrifying!

Give big brother a toy and snap away QUICKLY

Hey, we got a good one (even if he has tears running down his face)


Okay mom, I am done!

So Malachi didn't think it was much fun to have to share the camera time with little brother. But little brother decided to ham it up a little :)

And then there is this one. I was tired on this particular morning and I admit I had a little bit of jealousy towards my 2 month old son who looked all snuggly and warm, rocking away in his swing catching a wonderful nap!

The other big project we are working on around here, is moving Malachi into his big boy room! We wanted to make it Pixar themed and we went a little bold on the colors not knowing for sure how it would turn out.

The stripes were a whole lot of work. I spent many nights in there putting coats on after Malachi went to sleep while Peter kept Elias happy. Then we switched roles and I kept Elias happy while Peter did the touch up work.

But finally we got it all done and it looks awesome! Malachi spent his first night in his new room last night and I think he likes it too!

We do have some more work to do. It needs some decorations and shelves and such, but the hardest part is now behind us. I will post more pictures once we get it ALL done!


V said...

I'm sorry but the look of pure fear in Mals eyes at that tiny little baby had me laughing out loud! Oh these pictures will be priceless one day!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Oh dear. Andrew did NOT like it when we brought little teeny tiny Matthew home either, but I think he wasn't scared just upset that there was a new person :)

he he he....loved the pics.