Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Week Bites the Dust

Another busy week down. Time just keeps flying around here.

I just have to brag a little bit about my boys. They have been spoiling this mommy rotten. Malachi goes down at 8 and Elias is going down between 9-10 at night. Elias wakes up between 7-8 to eat a bottle then falls back asleep until 10 or 11! Malachi gets up between 8-10 in the morning. They are such incredible sleepers and sleep is soooo important for me so this is about as good as can be expected with two little guys.

I do however still find myself completely worn out by the end of the week. But I am doing the best I can and figuring out a groove and even some days thinking about another little one ;)

Here are some recent pics of the boys for your enjoyment:

Oh how Malachi melts my heart with that smile!

Eli is officially out of newborn and actually is kind of skipping right on through the 0-3 month clothes and into some 3-6 month size stuff! This past week I packed up all of the preemie and newborn clothes. I found the little outfit we brought him home in just 2 months ago and I cannot believe that he was ever that small!

My OTHER little boy who has a melt my heart smile!

Malachi has a new obsession with his tongue. It is not uncommon to see him walking around with it sticking out these days.

Malachi stole his snacks from mommy and was quite tickled about it!

Silly Boy

Look at all those teeth!

Malachi and his kissy face. That is quite a kiss don't you think :)

And this is what happens when you continue to let the boy play with his snacks. Apparently they taste just as good (if not better) from the floor.

And for Eli's safety, the only place that we can put him down in the living room is in his playpen. Even still, Malachi loves to go over and yell at him and shake it, but at least I know he can't get to him :) I put Eli inside his boppy and he is a happy camper in the playpen (most of the time)!

And my workout goals:

Today was my 20th day of workouts. I actually skipped out today though. Today would have been my last day at level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, but it didn't work into the schedule. It is much easier during the week to fit my workouts in because I have a regular schedule with the boys. The weekends are always hectic and busy and I have noticed that I am finding myself getting very stressed out trying to find time to get my workouts in. So, I made the executive decision today to not work out on Saturday or Sunday.

So level 2 has kicked my butt! I have struggled with it, but it is getting better as I persevere! Like I stated before, today was supposed to be my last day at Level 2, but since it has been a struggle I have decided to spend this next week on it and then will move on to Level 3.

So anyway, working out is going great. My clothes are fitting better and my body is getting stronger and fit! I am not losing the weight like I would like to, but as long as I keep toning down I am happy. I lost another pound bringing my total to 4 lbs. So that leaves me with 1 lb to pre-pregnancy weight and 16 lbs to my goal weight. A ways to go, but I will just keep plugging along!