Sunday, May 3, 2009


Great news - Peter was offered and accepted a position with Precision Castparts! We can breath a sigh of relief in our household. It really does seem like it is going to be a great company for him to work for and at least at this point in time they are very secure in their market! We can't thank any of you who have been praying for us enough! Really, we feel so incredibly blessed that we have come through this so quickly. We know in this market so many other people are not so fortunate. God was certainly directing this move.

When Peter began this job search I asked him what the most important thing to him was in finding another position. More important then staying in public accounting, (as most of the small firms do not hire specifically into tax) he really wanted to be able to continue his career in tax. At this stage in the game if were to take a position in audit or general ledger he would probably have almost an impossible time getting back into tax. So we were very picky from the get-go trying to find a tax job for him, but staying open minded to the possibility that he may have to settle for something less.

So we began the search for a tax position. The nearest tax positions were in BC and Southern California. After you got out of those two areas we were looking at the east coast! He did apply for a few of these positions and we knew that there was a possibility that in order for him to pursue a tax career we may have to live on separate coasts for awhile. We did not like the sound of that, but if it had to be that way we were willing to accept it.

In the meantime, Peter's tax director from KPMG made a phone call to Precision Castparts to see if they had any opening for Peter. It just so happens that in their department of 9 Tax employees (only 4 the same level as Peter) they had an opening coming up. The job was never posted outside and in the end Peter was offered a job in what we believe to be one of the only tax openings in the country and it just so happens to be 45 minutes from our house. God is good! We know he was looking out for us.

We know our families and our church families have been instrumental in their prayers for this. We are pretty private people and this is really the first thing as a couple that we have requested prayers for and I don't think we even know who all was praying for us. I know several people in the church were. It has been comforting going to church lately and having our pastors pray for people who are dealing with unemployment. God is good and we have always trusted in his plan for us. We were sad and scared when Peter lost his job but the reassurance of knowing that God was in control made it possible to walk on with faith. Now sitting here seeing the miracle of it all is exciting!

So Peter is hopefully set in his career for a long long time! He is excited about not having a cubicle anymore (he will actually have an office that faces the river), way less overtime, more opportunities to travel, better insurance, free parking, no more buses, 20-40% bonuses, and they will pay for him to get his master's in tax! Sounds good doesn't it? Now if we can just get this economy out of the hole.

My job news is not so great. June 1st I will be getting my hours reduced by 8 hours per week. Thankfully Peter will be working again. I will get to sleep in 2 more hours every morning which will be very nice but the reduction in hours will really bother our debt snowball. God is in control though ;)