Monday, May 11, 2009

We made it!

We passed! We have made it through our first "for worst" part of marriage and I think we passed with flying colors! Peter began his new job at Precision Castparts today! After today he is actually very excited about the oppurtunity and what his future holds. They gave him an office facing the river which he is pretty happy about. They have little perks like a room with pops and snacks plus a free gym membership for our family to any gym we choose. Something else very nice is that they get off work at 4:30. Peter got home tonight a whole hour earlier then he used too!!! He already has several assignments that will take him through the next several months (and he won't have to work the overtime to get it done!).

He has actually talked to a few people from KPMG lately and things do not sound very good there at all. I have had a strong feeling from the day Peter was laid off and I told him that I felt like God was protecting him from something and I really truly do feel that God has! Morale seems very low there and one of the partners from the firm just up and "quit" without any plan for his future. They are still working insane hours there and they have told them to just work 60 hour weeks until they run out of work - sounds a little fishy to me.

We are both excited about this new oppurtunity. Peter got to see some of the tax returns today and with all the returns that he did while at KPMG this is the first time that he is dealing with tax returns that are dealing with gains and not losses! Go Precision Castparts :)

God has been very good to us. Peter has been an amazing rock for me through this whole process. From the day he was laid off he has been so reassuring and worked so hard to get where he is now and I am so proud of him. He absolutely deserves the best and Precision Castparts is lucky to have him on their team! I really do think he is going to like it there. He is very excited about getting started there and seeing what the future holds. With God in control nothing can go wrong!!!