Monday, May 18, 2009

Going going going

Things are going good on the home front! We are both working hard and enjoying the awesome summer weather! We spend Sunday working on basically killing almost everything in our yard. Buying a foreclosed home can be a good deal, but man is it a lot of work. I am glad that we were able to get the inside remodeled but the outside is going to take some serious time and cash! I armed myself with a bottle of bleach (here's a good tip - bleach works just as good for killing weeds as the products made for it on the market but costs only a fraction of the price) and worked through the flower beds that I have already pulled weeds in before and tried to tame down some of the weeds in the lawn (trying to get that grass to take over the yard full of weeds). Peter armed himself with a big jug of crossbow and went after the big flowerbeds that are overflowing with weeds and attacked the blackberry vines that are taking over our side yard. We seem to be winning the war with the weeds at this second in time and things are shriveling up and browning all over in the yard! Not the prettiest but much better then what it looked like before. Until next time weeds...............

I started acupuncture treatment this week for my back. I was very excited to give this a try! It was interesting. They are very holistic so even though I went in for my back pain they asked me questions for over an hour. Seems they think they can treat anything and everything wrong with me (sweet!) :) We shall see about that! They stuck some needles in my wrists and ankles and feet and several in my back and I laid down on a heated massage table and tried to relax. It was interesting and they told me I could be sleepy afterwards and I was so tired the rest of the day. I felt really good the next day but the pain has returned now. They said they need to treat it aggressively for awhile and then eventually I won't need treatment anymore. If this works I will be so happy. I have not been pain free in my back for a long time.

We are still working on running. I am not bragging too much because I still have a long ways to go and I would sound really pathetic if you knew how little I was actually running but for me this is good progress and we are sticking with it. Still want to be able to run that 5K in 2 months.