Monday, May 4, 2009

Jillian Katherine

I can't believe my little niece Jillian is already 5 years old. I was so excited the day that I found out that I was going to be an aunt for the second time! The months flew by and I was lucky enough that your mommy and daddy invited me to go with them to their ultrasound when they found out that you were going to be a little girl!
We were very excited as May 5th approached and we were able to meet you! Your mommy had a scheduled C-section while the rest of us waited anxiously for your daddy to come walking down the hospital hall holding you! I will never forget the moment that your daddy brought you in and introduced you to your big sister Jezzie! You were such a cute little girl!

I couldn't wait to hold you and I spend as much time as I could getting to know you!

The months flew by and grandma and I spend lots of time watching over you and Jezzie. It was obvious from the beginning that you were a feisty go-getter!

Time went so quickly and before we knew it you were a year old and toddling all over the place! We were able to see more of your personality. You loved running around and flirting with the guys (daddy better watch out).

Then before we knew it you were 2! You were leaving the cute baby stage behind and turning into an adorable little girl!

The years flew by so quickly and I can't believe how big you and your sister are. I can't wait to watch you in the next 5 years and see the girl that you become!

Happy 5th Birthday Jillian! We love you so much!

Doesn't this picture truly show the relationship between sisters :)