Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eagle Crest

This past Sunday thru Tuesday Peter and I took off to Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond Oregon. We get to reap the great benefits of my parents being members of a timeshare and have really never had a hard time getting away when we've wanted too. We were very fortunate that the days we chose to go had a great weather forecast! We have always enjoyed our time away together and it seems like the last few trips we've taken just get better and better and we enjoy our time away more and more!

I haven't been to Eagle Crest in many years and this was Peter's first trip to the resort. The area has changed quite a bit and I am amazed at how many homes are in the area now. Eagle Crest has many activities to keep you busy and with us only being there for two nights we barely touched on them!

We did go on a couple of hikes and we did the putting course which is unique! We also relaxed quite a bit and I spent a lot of time in the jacuzzi tub! I love the jacuzzi tub!

Here are some pictures of our trip. Redmond is surrounded by mountains and with the weather being clear it was very pretty since most of the mountains still had snow on them!

Lots of pretty birds!

We didn't see too much wildlife but we saw lots of bunnies!!!

On Monday morning we decided to go on a short hike. We intended on being out for about an hour. We read the maps and we intended on looping around the resort. Well, what we didn't know was the maps were inaccurate and so we were not on the trail we thought we were. We continued down this wrong path for quite some time before we decided that maybe we should turn around. Before we turned around Peter ran ahead to see if maybe this path looped around. It did not and after an hour and a half of hiking we turned around and walked the hour back to our condo. So we learned some valuable hiking lessons - take water, take a map, and wear sunscreen.

Lots of cookie cutter houses!

My favorite - Jacuzzi tub!!!

The kitchen of our condo

The living room!

The putting course is basically a miniature golf course that we enjoyed trying out