Saturday, April 4, 2009

Juno our big baby!

First things first - Last weekend was Juno's first birthday. She already has way to many toys so we decided to make her a cake instead of buy her something and in my opinion the cake turned out awesome and the dogs loved it!

Juno's First Birthday Cake

Our big Birthday girl!

Yum Yum

Juno's loves Birthdays!

The other pups get into the fun. The dogs were all so full that they had to go outside for awhile before they were able to finish it. Indy's tummy was huge after eating!

In other news:
Things appear that they might be looking up for us in the future. I don't want to disclose too much but it does look like Peter may have a job opportunity in May. It sounds like it would be a great opportunity for him to continue on in a career in tax (which is first and foremost for him). The company would pay for him to go and get his Master's degree which is something that Peter really does want to pursue after getting his CPA and avoiding that additional cost would be great - Dave Ramsey would be so proud :) They would also allow him to come in early and leave early, which would be nice for avoiding rush hour traffic and Peter is up when I go to work anyway. We continue to pray that God makes his plan clear to us. Peter is studying many hours a day (when he is not running to and from Portland for interviews) and is a few weeks away from his next test.
Good news for my job! Things are finally starting to pick up and I would not be surprised at all to find overtime in the very near future for me. I know a lot of departments are starting to see overtime. It is really nice and reassuring to be busy again. I am working on a project at work right now which consumes the majority of my time and I am really enjoying it. I have at least 4-5 more weeks with it too.
The dogs are doing good. We are in the process of making an agility course for them. Peter made a jump and a tire jump for them out of PVC pipes. We wanted to make them so that Juno would get some exercise. She loves going to our churches playground and running around so we figured she would really like this. Yesterday we went up to Portland where Disney is having their closeout sell right now where close out Disney merchandise is 50-90% off. The sale didn't open until 3:00 so in the meantime we stopped by Toys R Us and we found dog agility stuff for sale there. Most of the parts were made out of PVC anyway so Peter just decided to make his own. As it turns out Juno is not so much a fan and Indy picked it up pretty quick. Indy will do anything for a treat and he had no problem doing what we wanted for food. Juno on the other hand preferred running around on her own pulling grass out of the lawn over jumping hoops for treats. We will keep working with her as the weather permits and she'll get it eventually. She can't let her brother one up her! Our master plan includes tunnels and teeter-totters and other things to keep her busy, but we'll take it one step at a time!