Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This thing called Life

Things are still moving in the Keyser household. I can't say that we have a whole lot to report on our end. We are still asking for prayers so please keep them coming! We are definitely still trusting in God and know that he has a plan to carry us through.

So on the job front: Peter has a second interview with the company in Portland on Thursday. Thursday is quite the day for him as he will be taking his 3rd CPA exam and interviewing. KPMG also notified him of an opening in Syracuse New York that he has applied for and we shall see what happens with that. We know God will make do what is best for us and that is a very nice thing to know. We do have our moments where we are nervous and anxious, but we have faith. I feel like we are on the verge of something great for Peter and I can't wait to see what happens! Peter is extremely talented and anyone would be lucky to have him added to their team! I know without a doubt that Peter is destined for greatness!

I am still busy at work but they have also notified us that tomorrow they will be making a decision to force 3 of us to move to swing shift. I would get a 9% raise, but Peter and I would never see each other (I guess if he goes to Syracuse it wouldn't be a problem). I have no idea what the criteria is that they are basing their decision on, but if they base it on family situation then I am as good as gone. I have faith with that too and trust in God's will.

We are very much looking forward to this weekend. We had saved money to get away for a couple of days after busy season and we are still planning on doing that. Seriously, getting away and having some fun together is just what we need to do. I am looking forward to a couple days away from the stresses of work and worries of life for a few days at east.

We are enjoying the time we have together right now knowing that it will be short lived. We are doing a lot of reading - Twilight, New Moon, Job (coincidentally that was the book in the Bible we were reading when Peter got laid off) 41 Days to the Work You Love. We've been enjoying our time in the evenings watching movies together. We have also picked up one of Peter's favorite pastimes - jogging. One of Peter's life goals is to run a marathon in under 3 hours and I just want to reach the goal of a 5K ;) We plan on running a 5K together this summer and we figure now is as good of time as ever for Peter to start the process of training for a marathon. We are getting back in shape and we really actually enjoy working out together! I also do a fitness program on the Wii and now that Peter is using it with me I am enjoying it more - he is very funny when he tries to work out and keeps me laughing through it all.