Thursday, August 28, 2008


Been thinking a lot about the people in Jamaica today. Looks like they got hit hard by Gustav on the southern coast of Jamaica which is where Whitehouse is. The country is already so poor and the homes so weak - makes me wonder how people survive this type of stuff year after year.

I am officially starting my 4 day weekend! Only have a three day work week next week and then another three days off! Very nice to see some time to relax in with how busy work is. Things are about to get awful at work for the next four months. I have no idea how we are going to make it, but I know we will.

Tonight begins College football season. Yes, I am quite excited about it. Go Beavers!!! I am optimistic that we should have a pretty good season this year - time will tell!

Peter finishes at the mill tomorrow. CPA exam #2 is only two days away so pray for him :) He is also going on his first business trip on the same day he starts work - crazy on the job training if you ask me. He will be going to a client outside of Seattle for all of next week and who knows where he will end up after that.

That's my short little update for today. Mainly hoping my friends in Jamaica are safe tonight.