Sunday, August 17, 2008

The busy, stressful, tiring life

The title pretty much sums up all of our emotions right now. What can we say - as everyone knows life is not always fun. We are making the most of the way our lives are right now knowing that things are not going to get any easier anytime soon.

Poor Peter is less then two weeks away from his next CPA exam and he is really feeling the pressure with this one. He has a lot of material to cover and only a very short amount of time to complete it in. There really isn't an option to postpone the exam because the testing window closes September 1st and he has to wait a whole other month if he doesn't take it now and then he is cutting into his study time for the next exam and would be taking a test right when he is transitioning into his new job. He is just going to cram cram cram as much as possible to get it done.

We are still awaiting the results of his first exam. He is very nervous to get them back and we should receive them at anytime. He feels like he did well on the first one but also knows it will be very close as to whether or not he passed.

He is beginning the end of his time at the mill and I know he is full of lots of emotions - a little sad to leave his friends there, excited at the new oppurtunities, nervous about the new expectations. I know he will do a great job at KPMG but convincing him of that is not so easy. I know it has to be very difficult for him to have to enter into a new role at a new job while constantly studying for a very difficult exam at the same time - he amazes me!!!

I am still very busy at work. No matter how hard we work or how many days a week we work we cannot keep up with orders. I have no idea how we are going to handle the workload going into the end of the year. We are all already falling apart - none of us may be standing by the time January comes around. My heart issues are not resolved yet. All of my tests have shown that there is nothing to be too concerned about (I think) but the meds they have me on make me physically exhausted. I called and tried to tell them that I can't function on these things, but they told me that was normal (uh, okay) and to keep taking them. Luckily work has been very cooperative with me and allowed me to take time off as I need it. I go back to the doctor this weekend and will hopefully get some answers and (crossing my fingers) get taken off these stupid pills!!!

Juno is doing very well. She is getting lots and lots of hair. We took her in for her puppy shots and she now weights 28 lbs. She is definitely the spoiled little baby around our house - we try to be tough with her but her puppy eyes get us everytime! Cesar (the dog whisperer) would be so disapointed. I swear she knows how special she is. There is not a single person that she meets that does not fall under a puppy spell when they meet her. She is definitely a charmer.

I guess I shouldn't leave our other babies out either. The chins are doing very well - just as fuzzy as ever. Having Juno has brought out a completely different side of them. They love attention now where as before they preferred to be left to themselves. Kahlua and Juno are best buddies and always are nose to nose between the bars. They tolerate us holding and petting them a lot better now - it is very strange (I told you Juno has some sort of puppy spell that everyone falls for).

Still no luck with our condo. We are just trusting that in God's timing everything will work out. We have a few houses that we are interested in and we just trust that if any of them are meant to be then it will all work out when it is supposed to work out. Waiting can be really hard sometimes...........

That is all for now. Hopefully better news to come soon - good news!!!