Wednesday, August 20, 2008

7 already!!!

Jezzie - the little girl who made me the happiest aunt in the world - I cannot believe that you are already 7 years old! Hard to believe how quickly you have grown and hard to believe that in another 7 years you will be a teenager. Your birthday brings back so many happy memories of being your aunt. I will never forget the night that I found out that I would be blessed with a precious little niece or nephew to love!! I was ecstatic and so excited to meet you and hold you and it was such a long wait from that night in November of 2000 to your arrival in August of 2001! I saved up all of my babysitting money (I was only 14) for a couple of days after my birthday in March when we were to find out if you were a little boy or a little girl so that I could go shopping crazy on you! Shopping for little girl things was so much more fun the shopping for little boy clothes ;)

Then the very long summer before your arrival. Finally the day came - your due date and none of us expected you to arrive on that day and yet you knew - right on time!!! I remember being woken up at 1:30 in the morning to the phone ringing saying that your mom and dad were on the way to the hospital and were bringing Bentley over for us to take care of!!! I was so excited and had such a difficult time going back to sleep - I was about to meet you!!! As morning came and we made our way to the hospital - just in time for the doctors to tell your mom to go back home - disappointed - no Jezzie yet. But later that night you made your arrival via emergency c-section. We were all very nervous for you and your mom and fortunately with some extra care you were both okay. I will never forget watching my big brother walk down the hall carrying this precious package that we were all so excited to meet! You were the most precious beautiful baby!!!

I have had so much fun with you over the years and I feel very lucky to have been able to spend as much time with you while you were little as I was able too. I have memories of the sponge bob phase, the care bears phase, and most recently your obsession of the Texas Longhorns! Time has gone very fast with you (and now with your little sister too).

Happy 7th Birthday Jezzie!!!

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