Thursday, August 7, 2008


It is way overdue time for an update. I am sure that everyone is dying to hear how Disneyland was. Disneyland was just as amazing as usual - the place that never gets old.

With us only having the financial resources to go for three days it was a very hustled trip but still very fun!!!

We left town very early Sunday morning and were in LA before 9:00 Sunday morning. That gave us almost a full day to spend in Disneyland. Peter and I are now pros's forging through the park and it was fun to get to share our expertise with family. This was of course Edik's first trip to Disneyland and I don't think he had any idea what he was in store for. By 11:00 we were in California Adventure (we thought that would be the least crowded place to start). It was game time. As we made our way through the park I sent Peter off as "the runner" for the trip and he ran over to Disneyland to get us our first fast passes of vacation. Within 15 minutes he had gotten us 3 sets of fast passes to return later and "cut" in line for the rides.

We started with an easy ride to get Edik and Andy warmed up. They had no problem with it so we headed off to the big roller coaster "California Screamin!!!" Edik was ready to ride, but Andy and Beth were not (we did succeed in our attempts later in the trip and they loved it!). We spend several hours in California Adventure taking in as many different attractions as we all could in the amount of time we had. We eventually walked over to Disneyland and spend the rest of the night there until after midnight - it was a 20 hour fun filled day.

The photo spot in Space Mountain was blinding.

My favorite memories of the night had to be riding splash mountain twice at around 10:30. The first time we put Peter in the very front and he got really wet, but the second time we put Andy in the front and he got soaked (so did Peter and Edik).

Monday we went to Knotts Berry Farm for a day of roller coasters. Knotts is a totally different feel then Disneyland and I have to say it was not the same park that we usually enjoy. There were no wait times for any of the coasters which was very nice and we walked on almost every ride (except Big Foot Rapids - everyone wanted to get cooled off). The coasters are always fun though and no trip is complete without being terrified on The Xcelerator - 0 to 80 in under 3 seconds. Edik liked every ride we did with the exception of The Tower of Terror and the Xcelerator - he said it was too fast.

Tuesday, July 29th 2008 - Disneyland!

Tuesday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. We had an early entry into the park this morning which meant we had to be there at 7:00. We did several rides in that first hour and several more within the next hour. We made it through quite a bit of Disneyland in that short amount of time - we did some of the classic favorites like The Jungle Cruise and The Tiki Room.

We also had a character breakfast this morning where we saw Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, and Chip and Dale. Three of the characters came to our table at one time and starting playing around with each other which was pretty entertaining. After lunch we decided to go to California Adventure, by noon Peter had a wallet full of fast passes to use later that night (little did we know how badly we would need them). We did a couple of things in California Adventure and were just about to get on California Screamin for the second time of the day when the earthquake hit. I was very glad we were not on the roller coaster when it hit because all the rides have earthquake sensors and they all stopped wherever they were. There were several people stuck on rides until they got them down which would not have been an enjoyable experience for me.

Pictures of the sleeping park while they tried to fix all the rides:
We waited around the dead park for over three hours. When I say dead, I mean the rides were dead - there were people everywhere in the place. After three hours and the rides showing no sign of starting back up we decided to go back to the motel for awhile and get some rest and return later. We returned later to find that some of the rides had barely reopened before we came back so we were very glad we didn't waste our time and energy. We did a ton of rides that evening with all the fast passes we had. Peter and I went to our favorite magical place to eat - The Blue Bayou. The restaurant is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and it is just an awesome place to be! It is very expensive but I highly recommend it for special occasions spent in Disneyland :)

After dinner we went and got our picture taken in the engagement spot. The park is going to change soon and it makes me a little sad only because the park I go to now brings back such wonderful memories of our engagement and honeymoon. We spend the rest of the night enjoying as much of Disneyland as we had time for before midnight rolled around and it was time to call it a night. Another very long, but very fun day.

Wednesday we spent the morning in Disneyland doing some relaxing and shopping in the park and soaking in what little time we had left in our happy place :) I really wanted to try mickey beignets and by the time we got to the restaurant we found out they had closed for two hours to prepare for lunch so we waited around and I finally got to taste them and they were wonderful.

I could leave happy - knowing that in 14 long months I will return to my happy place :)