Saturday, July 26, 2008

Disneyland - here we come!!!

As we complete another year of marriage we are returning to the place where we have so many happy memories together!!! From our first trip together when Peter proposed to our honeymoon and now to our second year of marriage where even more memories will be made. Disneyland really is our happy place :)

This second year of marriage has been an awesome and very busy year for us. We began our second year of marriage with a get-away to southern Oregon and it was a great time for us to remember the first year and talk about the coming year of our marriage and how many big things we had coming in the next year. Here we are at the completion of it and this year has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Peter finished up college and dealt with the strenuous recruiting process which brought a major life decision of choosing which place to begin his career (or adult) life.

We celebrated and relaxed in Jamaica after completing the first major project of our married life - getting hubby through school :) It is not easy to be married and go to school (or be the spouse of someone in school) and it really was a big deal for us to complete together. Jamaica was just an awesome experience that neither one of us will ever forget. It was a trip that brought us much closer together and was truly a blessed experience for both of us.

This past year we also added our first "baby" to the family. Juno is our little practice baby and in a lot of ways she is conditioning us for parenthood. We have learned a lot about each other by just adding a dog to the mix - who knew!?!

The first two years have been awesome and quite frankly - surprisingly easy in a lot of ways. We are thankful and feel very blessed that we have had an easy first two years together and look forward to everyday together. We definitely do not have a perfect marriage but we try hard to not say things we will regret later. We know we would not be the people we are today without each other. We have lived our marriage so far by two basic principles and thus far they have worked:

Trust and Commitment

Trust in the other person and their faithfulness in EVERY area of life to you and a commitment to gain the same trust from your spouse.