Friday, July 11, 2008

much needed update

It has been a long time since I have posted, in fact I did not know it has been as long as it has until I started typing. There has been so much going on in our house that needs to be updated on.
First things first with Peter. He took his first CPA exam on Monday and he feels things went pretty well. He feels like he knew quite a few of the answers but there are never any guarantees so he feels like the test could have gone either way. We have to wait until sometime in September to find out if he did or not. Now he is starting in on the second part of the exam and he will be taking that portion at the end of August.
There is also one other possibility going on with Peter but there has not been anything set for this at all. Peter was asked by KPMG if he would be interested in starting in the next couple of weeks if they need him to. The catch is that it would be located in Seattle for 8 - 10 weeks. The complication with that would be him trying to find time to study while working long hours (we assume since it is a big project he would be working quite a bit). Plus us trying to find a way to spend some time together with him in Seattle, it would be complicated with one of us having to travel over the weekends to see each other. The pluses of this opportunity would be him getting a jump on his career, and of course the pay increase! There would be a lot of things that need to be figured out for this to be possible especially since it would be happening soon.
Things in my life have been hectic lately. We have been working a lot of overtime lately and today I had enough of it and called in sick. I have been having some issues with my heart racing lately and finally saw my doctor about it and they ran a bunch of tests and nothing has been determined from all that money, err I mean test results. They put me on a medication that has made me very tired this week and with this work week being a possible 56 hour week I couldn't do it and gave up some of my overtime. Work has been very flexible with me and allowed me to rest and take it easy which has been very good.
And the last bit of real exciting news - we will be listing our house this weekend!!! We have been wanting to start the process of looking at homes for sometime now and we are finally at a point where this is a possibility so we have been looking at homes, we have been pre-approved for a loan, and we have been cleaning, packing, and doing minor home improvements to get the house ready and I think it will be ready by the end of the weekend. Now we just hope that it sells quickly and we can find a house that is perfect for us and within our budget :)


LCP said...

Wow, you do have a lot going on...but all great things!! Great CPA exam, great offer from KPMG, great that you are putting your house on the market...but not so great about the heart racing. Take a deep will fall into place girl.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.