Friday, August 22, 2008

Good News!!!

First things first - Peter passed!!! We are so excited and I am so proud of my husband!!! 1 test down 3 to go. I have been checking the mail this past week to see if he got the letter from the OSCPA because he really did not want to find out he failed the test a week before his next one. So if he did not pass then I was supposed to hide it from him and tell him that he did not get it yet. I was so very happy that I did not have to lie to him and was so excited to share the news with him!!! Peter can relax a little now and be very happy for what he has already accomplished. So reward #1 - A trip to Benihana's!!!!

In other very big news - KPMG called and asked Peter to begin employment on MONDAY!!! That was a little too short of notice for him with a CPA exam next week and also needing to give his work decent notice. So he will be starting the following week. Tuesday September 2nd - a full month early!!! He is a little sad to be leaving SP so soon and knowing he will be leaving them with a lot of work because they have not hired his replacement yet. What do you do though, when opportunity knocks??? He has to make the best move for his career and it will be better for us financially too!

Lots of exciting news for Peter - I am so proud of him!!! He is one amazing man :)