Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a week

So I know that I have not posted since our trip. It has been very difficult getting back into the swing of things here. It has taken forever to get our house put back in order and unfortunately I still have not been very motivated to get things done even two weeks later. Anyway this week has been crazy. We woke up Wednesday morning to find out that Peter's car had been broken into and Andy's (Peter's little brother's) old laptop was taken from it. Peter had it in his car to take back to Andy and someone was tempted to take it. The only funny thing about it is that the computer no longer even turns on so it was a total waste for them, but an expensive lesson for Peter. We were very fortunate in that Peter had filled out his CPA exam paperwork and had it in the front seat of the car and it had everything from Social Security numbers to Mother's maiden name on it and could have been devastating for us. God was watching over that situation - it could have been much worse.

What a mess: (Notice the size of the rock in his car)

Wednesday night at Midnight we went and saw the movie I have been waiting 12 years to see! Indiana Jones 4 - I never really thought that I would get to see that movie come into production and it was well worth the wait for me - we went three times this weekend to see it and who knows how many more times that I will go! So after being up until almost three in the morning on Thursday we then had to get up early in the morning to get Peter's car window replaced and also to get my toe fixed - not going to go into detail on that one but it was not much fun and hopefully will feel much better in a few weeks!

I took the rest of the week off work because I couldn't get a shoe on after the procedure and so I enjoyed a nice long 5 day weekend. That is not all the news we have for you - there is more. We adopted baby #3 for us this weekend. I have been asking Peter for quite some time to let me get a puppy and he has not been willing to let me get one. This weekend Peter's mom sent me a link to a puppy in the Oregon Dog Rescue. She was an 8 week old boxer puppy that was born with a genetic condition and because of it she has no hair. She would be perfect for us because Peter does not want a dog that would shed in our house. He was really fond of the idea of getting her because of the fact that she would be "different" then all the other dogs. So needless to say we have an 8 week old naked boxer puppy!!! We have to put sunscreen on her when she is out in the sun and we have to put clothes on her year round because even if we have the air conditioning on inside it is too cold for her - the total opposite of our chinchillas problem. She has been great so far - we are doing our best to get her kennel trained and potty trained and she is picking up both quite well. She whines a lot when we first leave her in the kennel but with some reprimand from us she quiets down quickly. She is getting the hang of going potty outside and I think she is doing very well for only being with us one day.
Couldn't go without posting pictures of our new baby Juno: