Monday, May 5, 2008

Jamaica Day 5

Today has been a wonderful day here in Jamaica - things just seem to be getting better and better. We slept in pretty late again and did our usual morning activities breakfast and a few hours in the pool enjoying the weather. It is still very warm and uncomfortable during the day, but we did get a couple of hours of rain this afternoon which finally brought the temperature down to a comfortable level. We went back to Arizona's after swimming and had a little bit of American food - chili, cheese fries, and a hoagie then made the long trek back to our room for a nap. We wanted to get rested up and cleaned up for our private dinner tonight - more to come with that later.

Some pictures of our day:

Definitely a warm day at the resort:
This is day five of the men working on the shuffle board court:

This portion of the blog really needs an explanation. Last night as Peter and I were walking back to our room in the dark - and I was already freaked out about the cockroach we walked by this hole by the side of the walkway. I saw some sort of a crab like figure move down into this hole and it totally freaked me out. Peter just laughed at me and made fun of me about #1 thinking something was in this hole and#2 thinking it was a crab. So to continue to make fun of me he took this picture of "the hole" on the way to breakfast this morning and the emptiness of it.

And THIS is a picture of the hole this evening right before dinner where we can plainly see that there is in fact a CRAB in the hole!!! We did some research after finding this creature that there are in fact land crabs that live close to the ocean but only return to the ocean to mate. They dig burrows in lawns and are a real nuisance (sounds a lot like a tropical mole). I was pretty happy to be able to prove that there was a crab in this hole!!!

Us all cleaned up for our romantic dinner:
Gorgeous Sunset Pictures at our dinner:
We did get some professional pictures taken tonight during sunset that we will go view tomorrow.

This was our amazingly romantic dinner. It was definitely worth the extra money. They set us up a table anywhere on the beach that we want and we have a personal waiter that was very sweet. There were candles all over the beach and the table and once the sun went down there were no lights anywhere but the candles from our table and no sounds but the sounds of the waves. It was a great experience that we will not soon forget.

We had a four course meal that we customized a couple of days ago and it was all prepared to our liking. The first two courses were a bit scary for both of us because there was not really an appetizer or soup that sounded good, but surprisingly there was nothing that didn't taste good.
Course 1 Caribbean Delight - Stamp and Go, Cod, Coconut Shrimp and vegetable fritters and chips with spicy dip.
Course 2 Cold Vichyssoise Cream Soup - A creamy leek and potato cream soup served with mini croissant for dipping.
Course 3 Grilled Filet Mignon - Served with Lyonnaise Potato, Sweet roasted corn and burgundy wine jus.
Course 4 Triple Layer Dark Chocolate and Coffee Cake
Some of these things on this list we have no idea what we were eating and we quite possibly don't want to know what we were eating - but it was a very good meal and a once in a lifetime romantic experience for us!

With that - it is getting late here, but we are probably going to head back out to the piazza and have some more dessert and see what nigh time activities are going on tonight. Tomorrow night will be another late night due to the midnight chocolate buffet!