Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sandals Day Three

Today started with a very filling and satisfying breakfast at Eleanor’s. Eleanor’s is the fancy Caribbean restaurant here. We recognized on our walk over there this morning that it is a very warm day in Jamaica! The local weather station was saying it was going to hit close to 90 today and being the Oregonians we are at this time of year – it is a little warmer then our liking. We tried to decide if we wanted to be adventurous for our breakfast and try a Jamaican dish or play it safe with something familiar. I have to admit that I do not know all about proper meal etiquette but I am learning from these people. They push your chair in for you and place your napkin on you lap. They pour from your right side, place plates from the left. Peter is trying to teach me which forks to use and it seems pretty easy after he explained it. Breakfast was amazing today – we are definitely getting fed very well – I don’t think we have ever eaten this good in our lives.

Every meal we have had so far they have brought out a sampler bowl with several different types of breads in it. This morning we tried fresh croissants and a cinnamon roll with jelly in it. I ordered a fresh fruit tray with lots of yummy pineapple and watermelon! We both decided to be adventurous for breakfast – knowing we could always get more food someplace else if it was awful. It was most definitely not awful. This was the first time here that I have seen food put a big smile on Peter’s face! He ordered Custard Stuffed French Toast and I imagine that he will be ordering that again. I ordered Caribbean Toast. It was a very large, soft piece of toast with a banana and chocolate sauce on top that they caramelized. It was very interesting, but definitely not bad.

It has been such a warm day today that we decided not to lounge on the beach but instead to hit the swimming pool. There was an interesting little game of volleyball going on in the pool and it was very entertaining to watch while relaxing in the pool. The pool was definitely the right decision for the weather today. Everyday at 11:00 the watersport guys organize a game of volleyball in the French Pool. It was an intermixed group with men and women and the men were way to competitive. They would argue about if the ball was in bounds or out and complain about the other team cheating and such – not necessarily a friendly game of volleyball. We didn’t want to spend to much time in the sun with how hot it was today so we headed back to the room to change for some lunch.

We decided to try Bayside’s Buffet for lunch today. There were many things to choose from but we were not all that impressed with their lunch menu. We did not, however, leave hungry. Even with how full we were we still had to head over to the Café and get some dessert. I had an ice cream cone while they were serving Meringue’s again much to Peter’s delight! We sat outside and I tried to beat my ice cream from melting in the heat and watched the watersport people try to teach a group of men how to dance Jamaican style I can tell you that today we should have skipped dessert. We were both very full and could hardly move after our visit to the café. So instead of going straight back to the room, we stopped at the Sale’s office and booked our private beach dinner. We picked our location – Peter found a spot on the beach that he thought would be perfect and we picked our date and time – Monday at 6:30 – hopefully right at sunset! Then we picked our menu, not the ideal thing to do after stuffing ourselves, but we were able to pick our four course dinner.

There is only one thing to do after stuffing your face to the point you cannot move – take a nap! The challenge of this activity was the fact that where we ate and scheduled our dinner was on the complete opposite side of the resort as our room. Our room is pretty much as far away from everything as any room could get, not that it has been a complaint up until now. Peter laughed at me the whole way back as I was miserable and complaining about my gluttony. So we came back to the room and slept – which is quickly becoming a daily habit for us! We woke up around three and since we still had several hours before dinner time we went for a walk on the beach. It didn’t rain today, but the clouds did roll in this afternoon which made walking on the beach very comfortable.

We eventually headed back to our room and headed out for dinner. We discovered tonight that if you don't want to wait at a restaurant then you need to go right when the restaurants open at 6. We wanted to eat at the steak restaurant that had an 1 1/2 wait yesterday so we left for the restaurant around 5:30. We did not have to wait for a table and we literally got the white glove treatment at this place. This place put our new found dinner etiquette to the test. In between courses they bring you a lemon sorbet to clean your pallet. We both had filet mignon and twice baked sweet potatoes for dinner - very yummy. I suggested at dinner that we walk down the beach and watch the sunset so after we ate we headed down to the beach. As we were walking down the beach, about 40 feet out into the ocean we saw a school of fish jumping through the water - it was such an amazing and cool thing to watch! We found ourselves a hammock in the sand and watched all the bright colors fade across the sky- it was very beautiful and romantic, but the second the sun was gone we were attacked by lots of bugs which killed the mood :) We came back to the room and changed out of our nice clothes and went back down to the piazza for some table tennis time and dessert. Now we are unwinding from another amazing day!!!

Today's Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

These two pictures really do need an explanation. Since the minute we arrived at Sandal's these two men have been working on this shuffle board court. We find it very humerous that after three days they are not even half done with this board. The Jamaican's definitely have a slower, more relaxed, no worry attitude about everything - even work! The picture below is of them relaxing and taking a nice..... long................ break!

These pictures are from our sunset walk on the beach: