Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jamaica Day 4

Another day down of relaxation is now over. This has been a very lazy day and so we really don't have much of a report. We went back to the restaurant we went to yesterday for breakfast so that Peter could once again have his stuffed french toast - and that made his tummy happy. We got in the pool for a couple of hours after breakfast until we both got a little bit sunburned. I came up with a real valuable question after sitting in the pool today. You see these people who spend the entire day sitting at the swim-up bar, they drink all day, and yet they never get up and go to the restroom.......... hmmm, don't want to think about that too much.

There is a small open air restaurant next to the pool so we went there for lunch. We were brave with lunch today - very brave. Peter shocked me by ordering salt Fish and Ackee. We learned on our drive to the resort that Ackee is the national fruit in Jamaica and that the fruit splits open when it is ripe - if you force the fruit open it releases a deadly toxin. They say if it is prepared correctly that it will taste like scrambled eggs - scary. Peter liked the salt fish but definitely did not like the Ackee. I wanted to try the most well known Jamaican food (jerk chicken) while we were on our trip but I have been unsure about it due to how spicy people say it is. The restaurant was serving jerk chicken pizza so I tried that out. I have to say - it was very yummy and not nearly as spicy as I expected it to be.

Wow, not much to talk about today but food! We really are doing more then just eating - we sleep and lounge in the pool and relax in the sand :) We didn't really want to dress up for dinner today so we decided to go the tex-mex restaurant. It is another open air restaurant and it was a very nice setting for dinner. Peter tried his third steak in three nights and will have his fourth steak tomorrow night at our private dinner. I had half of a rotisserie chicken with half of a rack of spare ribs - very good!!! Half way through dinner I noticed something that looked like a leaf blowing up out of the sand and on the floor right next to me - turns out it wasn't a leaf, but a big cockroach that ran under our table. I started freaking out and Peter was yelling at me to step on it, but I was in flip flops and no way I was going to crunch it. Then it ran out from under our table and under the tables of those around us and they were all kicking at it and trying to kill it. The bugs are very big and very gross here! We have also seen a few lizards that equally gross me out.

We went over to the game center and played table tennis after dinner - we are slowly improving at it. We wanted to pick up tennis while we were on this trip but the weather has been way to hot to try. The sun has blazed all day the last two days without very many cloud covers - not that I am complaining. We have enjoyed our table tennis at night and then we head on over for some desserts to take back to the room and enjoy!

Much of the same scheduled for tomorrow. We will possibly be booking a spa treatment tomorrow if I can talk Peter into it :) We will also be having our private beach dinner tomorrow night which we are both very excited about - we have heard that is a highlight of many people's trips.

Some sight seeing pictures:


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