Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jamaica Day 6

Here we are at the end of Day 6 with only one day remaining of our vacation. It is a sad feeling knowing that we will be heading soon home because everything has been so great here that it is hard to have to return to the real world. We have had such a good time with each other and knowing that reality and the stresses of life are returning is not the best feeling in the world. We feel very fortunate and thankful to God for being able to take such an amazing vacation and have a break from all stresses and unwind and relax - we know that is much more then some get to ever get to experience. It has been a wonderful and enriching experience for our marriage - which we also do not take for granted! The time we have been given this past week to spend together has made up for all of the long hours we have spent apart! More of the usual activities today - eating and swimming. We had a loud thunderstorm go through today that got everyone out of the pools and off the ocean. We just happened to be eating at an open air restaurant when the storm came through and that gave us quite the show and quite the loud noise of the thunder crashing. We did participate in the late night chocolate buffet which was awesome! They make everyone dress in white for the buffet which is just asking for trouble, but no chocolate stains on our clothes!!!

More Pictures:

The cute little lovebirds that fill the lawn in the morning:

Day 6 of the ongoing construction of the shuffle board: (I sincerely hope that the resort is not paying these guys by the hour)

The Chocolate Buffet: I know you are all jealous :)

Let the Scavenging begin!!!

Our yummy spoils:


J&M said...

Wow, what an amazing vacation! I especially loved the romantic, beach dinner! All of the pictures are beautiful!

So glad that you had a fabulous time, as you both deserved a wonderful getaway!