Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Other Happenings in December

Look at me getting all caught up! Okay so December is busy as usual but I want to remember some of the big and little things we've been up to.

LB loves to help cook! Keeping with the December theme, she made this pizza wreath for dinner one night!

Sometimes she's just so dang cute getting ready for preschool that I have to snap a pic, and she certainly loves it!

We've been hitting the swim lessons hard and I'm super proud of each of the kids and the progress they are making, and I have to say I love the calmness of the kids getting to take lessons during the day, sometimes they're the only ones in the water! 

Groot graduated basic obedience classes and now that we are back in the foster pup game, I realize just how much progress he has made! He is a great dog!

No really, he is AMAZING with the kids and we adore him for it! 

I want to say we were testing out a new peppermint sugar cookie recipe here, I'd say she liked it!

We had parent observation week at Malachi's hip hop class. It is great to see how much he loves class!

Little miss learned a tough lesson with wrestling with siblings - ouch! 

We have enjoyed our Jesse Tree tradition even more with the kids now that they are getting a little bit older and can participate more. 

Daddy helped the kids with their gingerbread house. I think its pretty much stripped of all of its candy by now. 

The holidays are so busy and we can find ourselves completely neglecting our relationship. Peter and I made an intentional decision this year to focus on each other more and it has made this season extra special! 

This is the face of a dog that wants all my attention all the time. This is way of trying to distract me when I try to do a little workout at home. between him and the kids it's certainly a challenge to get any "me time". I never imagined really falling in love with another dog but I sure do love this guy a lot. He's been perfect for our family and can make me laugh even when the spirits get down.

Always special when Grandma stops by with treats!

This year we changed up our Christmas lights a little bit and headed out to a city that is known for a big neighborhood light display. The kids were impressed! 

This past week Malachi had his first ever piano recital and he did awesome! It's been fun to watch him really progress over these last couple months and I can't wait to see where he is with another year under his belt.

Yep, we are definitely making the most of the season and I'm loving all it has to offer! The kids sure are keeping us busy and as much as I like a more relaxed schedule, I couldn't imagine it any other way during this phase of life!