Friday, December 28, 2018


Well Christmas has come and gone in what feels like a blur. Our 4 days of Christmas this year were busy and we're on the backside of it now still trying to recover and well, in all honesty try to sort through the overly spoiled children's stashes of stuff from grandparents and find a place for everything.  I've spent over 6 hours over the past 2 days cleaning and organizing 3 rooms to try and find space for it all. So all I can say is WHEW!

But here is our recap:

LB had her preschool Christmas production.  Our little sheep sure did find a way to become the center of attention as we had no doubt she would find a way to do!

She was completely exhausted by the end of it all and passed out at ice cream!

And then my favorite part of the holiday prep, the baking began!

But my favorite part of the holidays has nothing to do with the load of presents but everything to do with just spending time with these people I love and adore the most (and Peter who isn't pictured, but he already knows that!)

Christmas #1 was at my parents house! LB left a very happy girl getting the top gift on her Christmas wish list!

On Christmas Eve we headed off to our Christmas Eve service and then over to my Grandma's house for the free for all with the ever growing amount of great grandkids opening presents and it's always nice to hang out and catch up with cousins. 

And then home, where the stage was set for Christmas morning!

Groot and I shared the same sentiment for the 6AM wake up call! 

And then for the traditional Christmas morning lefsa

And we ended our day with one more family Christmas with Peter's family, some food, games and one last dash of presents. 

The kids had smiles on their faces from beginning to end, we got to see everyone we needed to see and we are two exhausted but very blessed parents as another end of year approaches.