Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 In Review

Well, here we are at the end of another year. I always spend a lot of time on reflection at the end of the year as I think through all that has happened and I look ahead to what I hope is to come in the year ahead. What we enjoyed, what successes we had, what I wish we could have changed. It feels like it was a really hard year. We lost some people we love, I've seen people I care deeply for in heartbreaking situations.  I've experienced it myself. But yes, there was so much joy too with our little family and I can't and won't diminish that. I will still count my blessings every single day! So lets back on some of the reflections of our year!  

In January we went to the beach for the weekend, I didn't get any noteworthy pictures but it was a stormy weekend and that's Peter's favorite beach weather.

In February Eli turned 7 years old and we had a big surprise for him!

The next week we were off on a surprise trip to Disneyland! We had so much fun! 

But on our last day we received the unfortunate news that Great Grandma Keyser had passed away suddenly.  

In March we attended our favorite adoption conference

In March we also snuck away on a beautiful weekend at the coast for my birthday and a time to celebrate Peter starting a new job! 


Then there was of course Easter

And more Birthday's as Malachi turned 8 years old

And Sabrina turned 6

The whole family spoiled me for Mother's Day!

And then Miss Sabrina graduated Kindergarten

And we wrapped up Awana and the one year we would have 3 sparkies

Sabrina got those training wheels off her bike

And Miss LB's dream came true as she got to start ballet

Malachi started piano lessons

They piled on the love for Father's Day

The 4th of July consisted of Eli getting his biggest catch as soon as his pole hit the water and a little bit of family fun to end the evening


We also headed off for one of the kids most favorite yearly traditions as we went to great grandma's house! 


Peter celebrated his birthday with a hike and lots of dessert

LB turned 4 years old!

And we celebrated our 12th anniversary in a swanky downtown hotel!

We had our first broken bone experience, fortunately just a finger but still ouch! 

Malachi participated in his first musical

We also celebrated our 8th Family Day!

The kids started another year of school


 And then we had a blast at Wallowa Lake 

These two lost their first teeth right around the same time

And we added a new member to the family, our 69th foster pup but keeper Mr Groot

We tried something new as LB started preschool

3 of the kids ran me ragged this fall as they played soccer, but we had a blast watching them!

We had a wonderful time in San Diego spoiling Eli and exploring a new city

We had an Incredible Halloween

We got away for a couple days as a couple in beautiful Southern Oregon

Groot graduated basic manners

Malachi is loving Hip Hop

We also snuck away for a couple more days of couple time (and work) to a new state for me - Arizona!

And then as quick as a flash, we celebrated Christmas!

It is a very blessed life I live. I am so grateful for another year of health and happiness with these kids and my amazing and awesome husband.  I will be back soon with my goals as I look ahead to 2019. But Happy New Year to all! 


S said...

I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing your children growing up through photos! You and I live such different lives, and I appreciate this little window into yours. :-)

Happy New Year in 2019!