Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Halloween Fun

Yeah, I know we are now almost to Christmas and I am just wrapping up our Halloween festivities. But for my own sake, I want to get some of these old memories posted. 

So going way back to October, the kids had a blast at a church trip to the pumpkin patch. We let the big kids go with the church and LB went with her preschool so we didn't have to do the big trip this year :) 

The weather was awesome for all the kids trips to the pumpkin patch which was amazing!

We are still loving the kids cooking boxes, especially the holiday themed ones!

And of course the annual pumpkin carving

We took the carving a little easy on Peter this year but he still did a great job!

And last but not least, the big day itself. The kids were adorable and easy to keep tabs on while trick or treating since they all matched! We love the resurgent of Incredibles as it was a big part of our wedding and if people remember way back to when we were "bringing home baby Dash", so we are certainly partial to our little incredible family!