Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Foster Pups #55-#60

The beginning of this year has been hectic and busy so we haven't had as many foster pups as we had last year, and we also haven't kept as good of record. But I still have some pictures to share. Last year we had Slinky and Sherman to finish out the year, and Sherman came back to me in January for a couple weeks with a shoulder injury. But then he went on to find a good home and we've had 6 other foster pups since then (and 2 more arriving soon!)  

These guys were the cutest because they were so afraid at first and I could tell that they had never really been handled much, but it really didn't take long for them to warm up and realize that people and kids are a lot of fun! 

I still love puppy snuggles when we can fit it in to the schedule. I feel like a glutton for punishment as boy can these things get messy and stinky! But nothing better than puppy cuddles (okay, maybe baby cuddles) and knowing that we are one step on their journey at rescue!