Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring Phone Dump

Yes, it is that time again for another phone dump so be prepared for picture overload! The kids have kept us quite busy these last few months, but we're still loving all the things they do that keep life interesting and busy!

We have spent most of the last several months focused on finishing up the school year! 

We started a stack of really great kids books for Black History Month. These books are so good and we've bought tons and tons more since February. We all love to sit down as a family when time allows and read a few chapters before bedtime. 

This crazy girl accidentely swallowed some dimes the day before we came home from Whistler, and well, was quite excited when they "passed".

This beautiful baby girl celebrated her 2 1/2 birthday! Time flies! 

One day I just looked over at her and she suddenly didn't look like a baby anymore

In March we attended one of our most favorite weekends away - an adoption conference up in Seattle! 

As I went through the steps of Confirmatory Testing for a bone marrow donation, Peter always said never ever, but after all the education I had done, he decided he would join the registry too. Men are preferable to women (as we've had babies which changes antibodies in our system) so we will see if he's ever a match! 

We've enjoyed every dry second we can outside! 

Like Father Like Son.... seriously! 

And for awhile there it felt like the snow would never stop! 

Clearly she's 2 

She has done a great job entertaining herself while I do school with big siblings! 

I always appreciate the sun and even moon when I am out running 

Girl's night with my gals! 

When weather allowed for a weekend, we put as much work as we could into the yard! Always so much to do! 

We planted our first seeds in the garden! 

My Confirmatory testing did confirm I was a match but I am not going to be donating at this point in time. We shall see what the future holds but I do think about this woman quite often as she's been debating this procedure for the last 14 months! I will be ready if and when they decide it is time! 

Mal has enjoyed more delicious cooking! 

We did swim lessons and basketball for several months, and now we've moved on to baseball and track! 

This never happens, and yes I did just sit in my driveway and enjoy the peace and quiet until they woke up! 

The debate was real and we remain a house divided!

Our favorite local bakery posted that they were giving away the remaining treats for free.  Peter just so happened to be 2 minutes away at track practice and was able to RUN and grab us a box of goodies!  

Everyone was quite happy about this! 

Pretty flowers, just because. I loved the color so much that I had my mom start me a rose bush of them! 

A new hair style for LB

For Christmas I got Peter tickets to see Alton Brown, finally in March the date arrived. We had a blast out on the town for the evening and I learned I really love Alton Brown! 

I started organizing next years school (as we school year round and will start again in July). Oh boy! 

We've seriously enjoyed every second we can spend outside so far this year. We've really tried to increase the activity level for everyone in the house and it has paid off with the kids going right to sleep every night!

More adventures in cooking with Mal! 

I also found a new hobby I enjoy quite a bit to get the stress out! 

Something about turning the corner and seeing him sitting in the kitchen just made me feel like he's so grown up!

Malachi got to enjoy a fancy night out on the town with Grandpa and Grandma! 

We discovered Eli has a really great arm for baseball! 

A couple cute kiddo's left us notes and money to find at bedtime. 

I was quite excited to finally get my 100 year old piano into my house. My parents were also quite excited because they've been storing it for me these last 11 years! A few of the kids have a strong interest in it and I've even started playing again which although I am a bit rusty I am really enjoying!

Water beads are hours of entertainment!

We've been slowly going through the house and cleaning out things.  I'm great at the cleaning part but Peter is much better at that organization piece. We make a great team! 

We had our first sick kiddo visit for the year, which isn't really bad at all but we made it through the worst of winter without the kids getting sick and now all of a sudden its been a month of coughs and colds! Come on Spring! 

Baseball in the rain, is not much fun at all

Seriously, the rain will not go away! 

As we really got serious about finishing out the school year, we moved down to the kitchen.  

Malachi had his first track meet and holy cow is this sport competitive! Not to mention the first meet was miserable with the weather! 

Even though the competition was challenging he ran his heart out and we were super proud of him! 

And we were back at it the next weekend.  With new PR's in the long jump and 800 Meter! 


I love this man and how much he invests into each one of our kiddos. 

And homemade pizza's courtesy of Malachi! 

This girl discovered the amazing thing that is a bath bomb and well we bought her several for her birthday of which she was quite happy! 

And then the poor girl came down with a tummy bug. Seriously spring, it is time! 

And then finally we got a little hint of spring weather, which of course sent us outside to do yard work for the day. 

And of course after the work it was time to play! Wonderful evening with the kids! 

And last but not least, this is our monthly trip to Costco. It is chaotic and expensive and well, just not our favorite chore but a necessary one.  The kids actually were pretty good this month, but we had to laugh as we're walking out the door and the employee says "there's still room for another one".  

This is our life in a nutshell!