Monday, May 22, 2017

Foster Pup #32 - Tootsie Roll

This past week we had a super sweet foster pup. I admit I was very concerned when he arrived and was quite large and very scared. So scared that our 4 children (plus 2 extras that I watch 1 day a week) were very overwhelming and he was growling. As we've had one experience with a larger dog biting Peter, I was kind of assuming that we may have to return this guy for the safety of the kids which is my #1 priority.  I can't really explain it, but I could tell that this guy wanted to trust us and he really desired some loving. I figured we would give him the  night and see how the next day went.

He was certainly a gorgeous little guy! 

Well needless to say the week went great and he quickly became my favorite large breed dog we've had.  He was so well behaved and very calm which was surprising considering he was a border collie pup.  And all those fears about him and the kids quickly went away. He loved them and was so gentle with them. If he wasn't snuggling with me, he was snuggling with them! 

I really really liked this guy and I hope he found a great family home. It is a really cool thing to see these super scared puppies show up at your house and somehow heal over the course of a week into a wonderful family dog.  This was one of those special guys!