Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Trip to Bend

Last week, we had the opportunity to head to our most favorite place - Central Oregon for 4 days of R and R!  It's a place we just love everything about and are never ready to leave. The beauty of Oregon really shines there! 

The journey started with a gorgeous evening drive over the mountains.  We are coming out of an eternal rainy and cold winter so the sunshine was so incredibly beautiful and welcome! 

We have a sweet little girl who often finds herself car sick so we tried a few new things to make her comfortable on a road trip. Needless to say, a whole Dramamine was a little much for her. Cutting it down to a half for the journey home worked much better! But she sure slept good that first night! 

Our first day, Peter and I had the opportunity to test out a new mountain to ski - Mt Bachelor! 

65 degrees and a front row parking spot! Score for spring skiing during the week!

The views were absolutely breathtaking and the morning part was fun but a bit challenging. As the sun continued to melt the snow throughout the day, by afternoon it was quite challenging and time to call it a day.

Seriously, we almost had the place to ourselves! 

After a little rest from skiing, my parents and our family headed off to a local pizza joint. It's a win for all of us because us adults can eat in peace and quiet and the kids can run around and get their energy out in a play area! They had a blast for sure! 

And this kid is really good at Catan! It's fun to get away and slow down life a little bit to enjoy things like this that we don't get to do on a daily basis with the kids. 

This was the first time we had stayed at this particular resort and it was awesome. Great view of the river but still within walking distance of downtown! 

While it was sunny, the days were a bit too cold for the pool, but the kids enjoyed their hot tub with a view! 

The next day we were off to a really fun dinner out in the middle of nowhere.  90 minutes out into the desert but the kids slept most of the way. 

And there's our dinner cooking 


This restaurant was super cool and something we've heard a lot about and were eager to try.  It's cash only, no cell service and well an experience. 

First we started with a delicious salad 

Then a yummy beef and barley soup 

With an amazing stack of bread rolls 

As if we weren't already full, it was time for a 30 ounce steak and potato 

Or a whole roasted chicken and potato 

It was all really delicious and Peter was somehow able to eat it all! There was a yummy dessert too that we all hardly had room to enjoy.  We took home lots of leftovers for dinner the next day!

The kids loved playing outside it

And then another 90 minute very full drive back to the resort! 

Our next day, Peter and Malachi went for a 3 mile run and found some deer!  Can you see them?

We also took a walk later on that included a stop at the park 

And more hot tub time 

The next day was the day we had to check out unfortunately.  The kids loved having their own room, breakfast in bed while watching cartoons. 

We love all of our time away as a family and this trip was a lot of fun but also relaxing.  I look forward to our trips to central Oregon whenever we can fit it in. Maybe someday we will even be fortunate enough to live there!