Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Holiday Tour

 So Disneyland offers these really cool tour options. It is something we've known about but have not taken the time to do in the past.  It was something we really wanted to take advantage of on this trip and try something new.  Since this was our first and probably only trip over Christmas for some time, we decided to do the Holiday Time Tour.  It was a fun filled 3 hour tour, highlighting all of the holiday decorations and Christmas offerings in the parks.  We walked through each land exploring and learning about the links to Christmas there.

Any true Star Wars fans out there knows about the Star Wars Christmas Special and how hard George Lucas has tried to bury that thing.  Well, one special part of the tour for this year is that Disney has uncovered this and gave us some sound bites and a song from it for this tour!

We also visited the petrified tree that Walt bought Lillian for Christmas one year and heard about how he bought her a puppy and put it in a hat box and then used that as inspiration for a certain scene in Lady and the Tramp!  We learned about the biggest and the littlest Christmas trees in the park.  It was fun.

Early on in the tour, we stopped by the infamous candy shop on main street for a quick treat!  These marshmallows, dipped in caramel, then dipped in chocolate, and rolled in crushed candy canes were the single best treat I ate this entire trip.  I would still love to have another one!

Along the tour, we also got to embark on a few of the special Christmas themed rides.  

The Jingle Cruise:

Small World Holiday:

And the Haunted Mansion Nightmare Before Christmas

After all this fun, it was time to get our front row seats for the Christmas Fantasy Parade 


We were also served hot chocolate and gingerbread men cookies! 

The parade was very fun!

And if that wasn't enough, we were given limited addition pins for the occasion! 

All in all, I would highly recommend this specific tour.  I've heard wonderful things about the other tours and we look forward to doing more of them in the future!  As if the tour wasn't good enough, the best part of the day was yet to come so stay tuned!