Wednesday, December 9, 2015

An Epic Disneyland Vacation - Malachi

Our family (minus LB) just got back from an incredible Disneyland vacation.  We've been planning and preparing and counting down for several months now and were just so excited to get to go.  I wasn't sure the best way to go through this trip, so I will start at the top and go through the trip from the perspective of different kids, so there may be some repeats in the mix.  

The last time Malachi was in Disneyland, was back when he had just turned two.  He had also gone with us soon after we brought him home around 6 months old.  For some reason, the trip was very scary for him at 2 years old and so we told him we would wait and take him back when he was 5.  We held true to that promise with our first family Christmas trip to Disneyland.  Before we knew it, we were on the last link of our paper chain and on our way to Disneyland! 

It has been a couple years since he has flown on an airplane, so the whole trip was full of new and fun experiences!

He found himself dancing in the street with excitement as we waited for our ride to Disneyland. 

Our first night was spent just chillin, but we did find Santa! 

Then it was our first day in the park!  It was an exciting day! 

Now all the pictures are not in order, but the kids were doing great on all the rides and wanted to try out space mountain.  So we let them give it  a go. It was a little scary for Malachi but within another day he was willing to give it another try and liked it much better! 

He did however, LOVE Cars! 

 Even though he wasn't thrilled at first to meet the princesses, he quickly turned on the charm.

Autograph books were a fun way to interact and meet all the characters. 

He showed Anna and Elsa how Iron man flies, so Anna was giving it a try! 

Since typically it is loud noises that scare him, a set of headphones was great for him to have!  Here he is waiting for Star Tours, his favorite ride of this trip! 

Another favorite was Big Thunder Mountain 

And of course, a favorite from the last trip, the teacups! 

Not only did our big Ironman fan get to see all the suits

But he got to be Ironman too! 

Another super sweet moment from our trip, we saw this Santa Clause with his wife Mrs Clause several times during our trip. They were always decked out in festive red colors.  Before we left, our elf on the shelf Henry had told the kids that Santa would be vacationing in Disneyland and they would get to meet him there.  They did meet Santa the first night there, but then we saw this guy with his wife ON vacation and Malachi yelled to him "Hi Santa" so he came over and gave each of the kids a candy cane.  Malachi was just amazed that Santa was indeed vacationing at Disneyland!

Another favorite ride!  The weather was just perfect for this trip, probably the best we've ever had because it wasn't too hot or pouring rain on us.  It was sunny and 80 all week!  Perfect getaway from the cold if you ask me!

Another highlight for Malachi was building his own lightsaber.  We gave the kids tasks around the house before leaving (gotta work it when you can) to earn Disney dollars that allowed them treats and  a custom lightsaber during the trip.  He was thrilled to get to bring it home with him. 

Yep, it was an amazing trip with my amazing family! Stay tuned for more from Eli's perspective!