Friday, December 18, 2015

Disneyland Trip - Sabrina

I've had more problems trying to get this post up, but here it is finally.

I like to say Sabrina hitchhiked on a trip to Disneyland when I was 5 weeks pregnant with her.  Morning sickness and Disneyland are not a good mix.  We also took her when she was about 6 months old so this was her first "real" trip!  

The silly thing about this girl, is that she would NOT cooperate for the professional pictures.  It is kind of funny now that I look back on all of them!

And while she loved and wanted autographs from each of the characters, she was too shy to do it without an adult. She would hand her photo book off to one of us and ask us to hand it to the character. Silly girl! 

Lots of nervous nail biting and thumb sucking! 



Hiding, but she didn't want to be left out of the pictures. 

She really did have a great time and was SO excited! 

The carousel was much loved!

And the teacups! 

Tow-Mater and the Ladybugs were also a huge hit. Anything that spun in circles! One of the biggest challenges was she was just a tiny bit too short for most of the rides.  We felt bad for her several times because I know she would have loved to do most of the other rides but we had to try and make her happy doing rides that she was tall enough for.  

Who's hiding back there?

She was so adorable marching around with daddy in her princess dress!

She was soooo excited to meet her friend Elsa and while she was still shy with her, she loved the moment! 

Finally, on our LAST morning, she was ready to hand off her book and pen to a character! 

She even kind of interacted with one! 

When big brother got a giant pickle, sister needed one too! 

Yep, she was worn out too! What a great trip!  A few more posts to come about it still!