Friday, December 11, 2015

Disneyland Recap - Elias

Here's to another picture overload of our trip to Disneyland. This time we will focus on the trip from Eli's perspective and they are definitely not in order. But let's begin!

Eli was a huge fan of the airplane and rode with the "boys" on the plane.  He loved looking out the window and this was just a glimpse of things to come for him this trip.  Eli had been to Disneyland in my tummy at 20 weeks pregnant (I know that doesn't count, but he kept me off a lot of rides, so I'm counting it!), and then again when he was around 18 months. So it had been awhile since he has been there, and he definitely didn't remember the last time.

This kid was up for anything. In fact, his biggest disappointment was that he couldn't ride Indiana Jones or the big rollercoaster Screamin.  I have full confidence now that he would have loved both of those, but once he grows a bit more he can have at em!  I had no idea how much of an adrenaline junky this kid was.  I wasn't sure what rides he would be willing to do, but after begging me non-stop for 2 days to ride the tower of terror, I told him "fine, go do it."  In hopes that after he experienced how scary it was, he would leave me alone about it. But nope, the kid loved it!  

My tiny 4 year old is hiding somewhere behind all the big people in these pictures.  I still can't believe he liked it.   

His very favorite of the trip was Space Mountain which is all decked out in Star Wars theme right now.  So extra bonus for him there! He looks thoroughly bored in most of the on ride photos, which I find pretty funny!  

Cars was of course a winner too! 

The kids got the opportunity to meet Darth Vader.  While they were initially excited, he freaked them out a bit in person.

He was a real charmer with the princesses

And of course there are the mandatory photos at Elias and Company!

This kid was go, go, go from one ride to another in the park, but when he dropped, he dropped!  

This is how they rolled! 

He's in that soaking wet raft somewhere. 

Silly boys! 

And that's a wrap.  We thoroughly exhausted all of them!  There is no doubt that Eli has our Disney DNA, but what would you expect from a kid named after the man himself!