Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 In Review

Each new year starts as a blank slate. We have hopes and dreams for the year ahead but we truly have no idea what is going to happen.  I am very grateful today for another year to look back on that held so many more joys and exciting moments than hard or sad moments.  So here's to a review of another amazing year with my family!

               This is where we started in January of 2015! a tad bit busy and in over our heads!

Soon after, Eli turned 4 years old!  

Then a busy Valentine's Day with this bunch! 

And piled on another holiday with Easter! 

Then Birthday City with Malachi turning 5

And Sabrina turning 3 a couple days later! 

Then came June, when Peter and I got to take off on the most amazing business/pleasure trip to Ireland for 10 days!  We saw some pretty amazing places! 

Then we came back to start a new year of school!  

                                              And summer projects kicked in to high gear!

The kids have kept us quite busy as they've gotten into their activities, starting with swim lessons!

Peter finally said goodbye to his car he had since he started driving! 

Awana wrapped up for my cubbies! 

We had a great 4th of July at the coast! 

LB all too soon turned 1 year old! 

And we celebrated Malachi's 5th year home with us! 

We had a fun filled trip to Eagle Crest for a week! 

The kids found a new hobby they love in Taekwondo!

Peter went with the guys in my family out fishing!  

The boys completed another soccer season! 

In addition to a quick overnight away to celebrate our 9th anniversary, we also got away in the fall down the gorge for a beautiful weekend away to celebrate Peter's new job! 

Then it was on to Halloween!

Peter got his second tattoo, this one for Eli! 

The boys ran their first ever race! 

And December had to outdo all the months with an amazing trip to Disneyland! 

The start of Malachi's first basketball season! 

Peter's brother getting married over a weekend in Seattle!

And of course a wonderful Christmas! 

Yep, another full year behind us!  I hope 2016 is as full of love, joy, and happiness as this past year has brought!  Happy New Year friends!