Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Beautiful Easter

April is always a crazy month around these parts, but even in the busyness we had a wonderful Easter as a family!  This is the first year I felt like the kids might have understood a bit of what Easter is really all about. But they also enjoyed the fun of candy and Easter baskets.

Of course, Easter starts with the coloring of eggs.  

The night before Easter we made Resurrection rolls. The kids were excited to see whether or nor the "tombs" would be empty come morning.  

                                                   Easter baskets were all ready to be hidden!

                                                     And come morning, the rolls were empty!

                                                  Then it was off to find some hidden baskets!

After getting the kids dressed in their Easter best we headed outside where it was a bit cool, but hey it wasn't raining so we were thankful! My little loves looked so adorable!

Then it was time for a massive Easter egg hunt in the yard. Grandpa and Grandma did a good job of hiding eggs ALL OVER the back yard for the kids to find!  

After sorting the loot, and a quick nap for LB, it was time to head over to my grandparents house for Easter dinner and another egg hunt.  It feels a bit surreal to see my kids having egg hunts in MY grandma's backyard because that was such a memorable part of my childhood. Pretty cool really! They had a  blast!

It really was a great day, full of lots of memories. As I look at my little family, sometimes the days are so soooo long and hard, but man have I been blessed with an amazing family!  I am a happy lady!