Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sabrina's 3rd Birthday!

Before we could even recover from Malachi's Birthday, we were on to the next party!  Our sweet little Birthday princess got off to a rough start, because she is a tiny bit shy and hates having all the attention. 

She asked for Birthday Cake Cinnamon Rolls, but then cried from the attention of singing, just like last year.  Silly girl! 
But as soon as we left, she perked up! 

It was so fun, after all of these boy birthday's to get to shop in the girly girl section!  The world of baby dolls and barbies!  Her favorite was of course the Frozen section! 

Then a quick stop for lunch! Her request was some Mac and Cheese! 

Then off to her first movie! Can I just say, taking her to a movie was WAY easier than it was with the boys.  She sat still on my lap the entire time. It was great! 

Since we were pretty much all caked out and the weather was so nice, we decided S'mores would make a better ending to the evening! It was really nice and fun evening with the kids!

Then the next day was party time!  I don't understand why or how Frozen has captured the hearts of all little girls, but our little princess was no exception to this frozen fever and her request was an Elsa party!

It was another great time and we just love our little princess. She has a lot of my personality bundled up in her.  She's pretty shy around new people, sensitive and tender hearted.  She's always a pretty happy child though who usually has a smile on her face. She is a great and kind big sister but can hold her own against those big brothers of hers.  She has a mind of her own and is one stubborn little cookie!  Yep, she is definitely cut from the same mold as her mama!  I know her heart will serve her well!  We love you baby girl!  I think I could have kept you 2 forever, but here we are at 3 so I'm going to embrace it!