Monday, April 20, 2015

Malachi turns 5

 It's true. Somehow that sweet and oh so chubby baby boy has turned 5 years old!  I'm not gonna lie. Something about 5 has been REALLY hard for this mama!  I even got a Birthday email on his big day stating that stated "welcome to the "big kid" world!"  Um, say WHAT?!?  He's still my baby boy!

So since I couldn't stop this boy from turning 5, we had to plan the party. And this kid was ready to party!

Birthday Morning!

His request: Waffles!

Our favorite part about birthday's in this house is that Peter takes the day off and we get babysitters for the other kids so we can enjoy the day with just the special birthday child!

He couldn't wait to go pick out some new legos at the store (neither could daddy)!

Then a quick stop for lunch!  If you know Mal, you know he looooves his cheeseburger and fries! 

Then it was off to play some games and run around at a family fun center! Does anyone else think he looks way too old in this picture?!?

He was getting a little anxious after that to get home and open those legos but we were able to convince him to make one more stop for a free ice cream scoop. All of those flavors to choose from and what does he get?  Vanilla!  He's not that into sweets so vanilla does tend to be his favorite!


Then it was back home again to enjoy some leftover birthday cake with his siblings and grampa! He said he had a super fun day and we had a super fun day with him too!

Now lets back track just a bit, because before his birthday we had a little birthday party for him. He is REALLY into Star Wars so it was Star Wars party time!

I can't even believe my little man is 5 years old. I am so proud of this kid!  He's a strong leader, who just adores and takes great care of his little siblings.  He is sensitive and kind and gentle. He is super smart.  He is full of energy and a deep joy for life!  I just know this kid is going to do something amazing!  I have felt it since before I even met him and as I watch him and see him grow into his own little person, I see all the gifts and skills he has and know it even more!  And as much as I wish time could just slow down a little, I can't wait to watch him grow!